Xbox One Screamride


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Build and share adrenaline pumping thrill-rides with friends and the community over Xbox Live on Xbox One. Send and receive challenges to discover the best among your friends.
Challenge yourself across a variety of exhilarating levels or compete with friends to set records on global leader boards.
In addition to the Level Maker editing tool, players can specialize in a single role. Engineer, Scream Rider or Demolition Expert or gain mastery over all three as they climb the career ladder.
With more than 50 levels, three unique game modes, and hundreds of props, ride pieces and modular scenery, Scream Ride unleashes the power of unbound creation, extreme destruction, and addictive game play.

Features: Create as the Engineer with hundreds of props, ride pieces and modular scenery available at your fingertips, create awesome coasters, amusements and environments from the ground-up.
As the Engineer, you will be able to solve construction puzzles as you build creations of limitless imagination.
Ride as the Scream Rider. Prove your precise piloting skills as you control the coaster on a ride of your own creation; Xbox One players can also pilot a ride shared by friends over Xbox Live.
Challenge your friends to race your coasters around the track as fast as possible and achieve the highest scream rating for your riders.
Xbox One users will be able to show off their skills on Twitch on Xbox Live. .
Destroy as the Demolition Expert. Rack up points as you destroy everything and anything to ignite the most explosive carnage possible.
As a demolition expert, you will have control over the physics-based destruction you are causing by knocking down and destroying the ride creations in interesting ways.
Sharing with friends Xbox One gamer's on Xbox Live can build and share the most extreme rides and missions with friends, discover unlimited new game play by accessing their wild creations and challenge friends to set scream rating and destruction records on global leader boards.